Great Crested Newt


 (Triturus cristatus)


The great crested newt is the largest native newt. It is recognisable by its black trunk and the yellow belly with black dots. During the breeding season, the male grows an impressive serrated crest on the back.


The great crested newt lives in larger, sunny and vegetation rich ponds. This is where it mates. Some newts spend the whole summer here. The great crested newt spends some time on land, for example in hiding places under dead wood or larger stones.


Ponds where great crested newts are present are often also home to many other types of amphibians. Great crested newts usually overwinter on land.


The great crested newt is common in Lower Saxony. It is present in the lowlands as well as in the uplands. It is less common towards the North West. Overall the population is declinings, especially because of the loss of breeding ponds.


Great Crested Newt in Germany (German webpage only)