River Schunter


The area is located in the Atlantic region in the natural area Weser-Aller lowlands and fertile plains (known as “Börden”).

It consists of the floodplain of the River Schunter. It flows into the River Oker North-West of the City of Brunswig, just outside the project area.


The River Schunter has been channelled and straightened. It runs through a landscape area with few woodlands and is characterised by its agricultural use. In recent years many restoration measures have been completed. This brings the Schunter back into a more natural condition and has developed a more natural floodplain typical for the natural area.


The Schunter floodplain is an important habitat for amphibians such as common spadefoot, tree frog, common frog and great crested newt.


The project will strengthen the distribution of the tree frog and enable to spread by creating small ponds.


Local contact: FUN Hondelage, Brunswig City Council


Size: 671 ha


Photo by M. Richter (Flooded measure)