Haverlah Meadows


The site is located in the natural region of the rivers Weser and Leine uplands in the natural area of the River Innerste Uplands (continental region) near the city of Salzgitter.


The site was used for opencast mining for iron ore until 1967. When operation finished a larger lake formed in the western part of the site. In the following years spoil from other mines containing high levels of salts was left in the Eastern part of the site.


At the foot of the spoil heap many small ponds developed, often with saline water.


The spoil heap is still largely free of vegetation. The eastern part is taken up by wood-small reed (Calamagrostis epigejos) and common reed (Phragmites australis).


There are a few coppices and small woodlands. The western part is dominated by deciduous tree reforestations, willow pioneer woodlands and fallow land.


The site is of special importance for the great crested newt. Eight other amphibian species have been recorded on site. The project will create new small ponds away from the existing saline ponds. Existing ponds will be restored to protect the great crested newt population.


Local contact: NABU branch Salzgitter, Salzgitter City Council


Size: 116 ha