Creation of breeding ponds

The central action of the project is to create breeding ponds for the target species. Excavators will create new ponds or improve existing water bodies currently not suitable for amphibians.


The properties and features of the new ponds will target the ecological requirements of the respective target species. The ponds will be between 400 and 1,500 m² with gentle slopes leading up the banks. The depth will be selected so that the ponds occasionally dry out. This is to protect eggs and frog spawn from fish and other predators. Ponds should be well exposed to sunshine, so that the water temperature is sufficient for successful reproduction.


With existing water bodies, different measures will be taken, depending on the starting point. For example, plants casting a shadow on the pond will be removed, banks that are too steep will be re-profiled and the hydrology will be optimised by increasing water depth.


Creation of new ponds will focus on extensively grazed land to ensure a sustainable and long-lasting suitability of the breeding ponds. (see Grazing)


In total we plan the creation or restoration of 301 ponds with a total surface area of approximately 24 hectares.


Image caption: Excavation of a large pond, © Florian Bibelriether