Rivers Aller, Leine & Oker


The area includes the lowlands of the River Aller and the lower sections of the River Oker and River Leine. The areas are the three most important lowlands in the Weser-Aller lowland complex (atlantic region). The relatively natural lowland rivers are surrounded by a diverse habitat mosaic. In many places there are Ox-bows and flood hollows. There are lowland pastures and meadows, bog vegetation free of trees and floodplain woodlands.


On the edges of the river valleys, there are dunes, heaths and dry grasslands on sandy soil. There are larger areas of bog at the Düpe meadows and the temporary flooded woodlands at Barn on the outskirts of the City of Wolfsburg.


The area is of outstanding importance as a habitat for fish, bats, dragonflies and damselflies, as well as beaver and otter. It is also an important migration corridor for a diverse range of species. Within the project, we will create 70 new ponds in this area, acquire new land and erect fencing to help establish a extensive grazing regimes.


We have plans to reintroduce the fire-bellied toad at several places within this area. We will strengthen existing populations of the great crested newt. The tree frog is only present at two locations. We will take action so it can re-populate further parts of this area.


Size: 18,031 ha


Local contacts: NABU Wolfsburg, City of Brunswig (Braunschweig), City of Wolfsburg, Celle and Gifhorn District Council, Hanover Region


Photo: Dr. Markus Richter, NABU Lower Saxony, NABU 6, River Aller