Excursion of a primary school in Neu Darchau

22.05.2019 The youngest pupils get to know their environment. On 8 May, year 1 and year 2 of the primary school in the village of Neu Darchau went on a discovery tour to a fire-bellied toad pond in the biosphere reserve ‘River Elbe Valley Lower Saxony’.

There wasn’t much water in the pond, which last year had been used as a breeding pond for the fire-bellied toad. Despite this, the pupils were able to discover all kinds of exciting animals in the pond. After one hour of pond-dipping, we looked at he results of the individual groups. Each group presented its ‘special creature’.

At the end of the day the children were presented with a table mat featuring the fire-bellied toad. This way, the pupils will not forget this special animal and hopefully will enjoy its calls in the future.
Photo: F. Bibelriether, Amphi Consult, pupils of the primary school in Neu Darchau look at the catch with interest.