The fire-bellied toad in the Uelzen area

Until approximately 2007 the fire-bellied toad was native in the area of Strothe-Almsto,rf district of Uelzen. Despite conservation measures carried out back then the population, already reduced to a few individuals, did not recover. The bell ringing sound of the calling toads had disappeared from the landscape. Merely an interpretation panel reminds us of the past presence of these animals.

In December 2018 and January 2019, 3 new ponds were created on sites in private ownership and on district council land as well as restoring two further ponds. The coverage with ponds is now so high, that a stable population can establish.

Just add some toads. These will be brought into the area as part of the project. Spawn will be taken from other sites, bread until it reaches metamorphoses and then brought to the Uelzen area. You can read more about this in the section Actions/ Reintroductions. Tree frogs, great crested newts and moor frogs already present in this area will definitely benefit from the new ponds.