Rain slows down the digger


In at least three project areas the digger was supposed to come in this autumn to create new ponds for the fire-bellied toad and the tree frog. But the unusually high levels of rain of the last months enforced inactivity.


Already in May, various areas had a large proportion of the surface under water. The strong rainfalls had turned the meadows into water bodies. Further rainfall did not allow the areas to dry out over the summer.


In Lüchow, in the floodplain of the river Elbe, the highest amount of rainfall for 35 years has been recorded for June. The areas earmarked for action are currently so soaked, that the required removal of soil is impossible. It is currently unclear, if this activity can be carried out at all this year.


Photo: Flooded area near the river Schunter (M. Richter)