Plans for the reintroduction of the fire-bellied toad along the rivers Aller and Oker

Preparations started towards the end of the summer to select sites for the reintroduction of the fire-bellied toad. For the area NABU 6 several sites are planned for the reintroduction.

Currently it is investigated, where exactly the best conditions for a permanent establishment of the fire-bellied toad are. Many site visits were conducted and maps and aerial photography were analysed. For the reintroduction to be successful, all required components of the habitat need to be present (or have to be created). The lack of sufficient water dynamics along the river Aller is a problem.

Following the management of the River Aller with weirs and barrages, the water levels of the river and in the floodplain are currently fairly constant. The fire-bellied toad needs a high level of water dynamics with flooding in spring and shallow waters drying out in late summer. These conditions only exist in a few places.

The situation along the river Oker within the boundaries of the City of Brunswig is more favourable. The floodplain is regularly flooded. It is expected that it is possible to create breeding ponds with sufficient water dynamics. The decision on the implementation of the reintroduction is made not before the newly created ponds prove to be suitable.