Assessment of genetical diversity has started

October 2016

The investigation into the genetics of the Lower Saxony fire-bellied toad has started. Project partner Amphi International ApS took samples from over 100 toads in spring and summer, predominantly from the floodplains of the River Elbe within the parish of Neuhaus.

Analysis of the samples will be done by the working group of Prof. Dr. Tiedemann from the Institute for Biochemistry and Biology at Potsdam University. This working group has substantial experience in the genetics of the fire-bellied toad in northern Germany. This investigation will determine which populations of fire-bellied toads are most suitable for the planned reintroductions to other locations.

The use of individuals for reintroductions which are not genetically native to the area has to be avoided. On the other side, a high genetic diversity is helpful for the long-term survival of the new populations to be established. More samples from the river Elbe floodplain will be taken next spring. This means final results will be available in 2017.